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Congrega Velisti Cesenatico



VELE DI PASQUA 2001 – XXVIIth Edition







VELE DI PASQUA 2001 will be held from 14th to 16th April 2001 on the waters in front of the town of Cesenatico.





2.1 The regatta will be governed by:

           a) the International Yacht Racing Rules 2001-2004 ISAF, including prescriptions of F.I.V.;

           b) the Notice of Race;

           c) the rules of the competing Classes;

           d) these sailing instructions;

2.2 When there is conflict, the English text of the rules and sailing instructions will prevail.

2.3 The regatta will be in accordance with ISAF Advertising Rules.

2.4 Alternative Penalties

a) Alternative penalties for infringments of ISAF Part 2, as prescribed in ISAF part 4 rule 44 will apply, execpt that a 360° turn will be enough.

b) Any yacht taking an alternative penalty shall lodge an Acknowledgement of Infringement Form at the Race Office before the end of the protest time. This Form is available at the Race Office.





All Yachts entered and registered in accordance with the Notice of Race are entitled to start. Competitors must meet the ISAF eligibility requirements (ISAF Part 6).





4.1 Any change in the Sailing Instructions will be posted on the Official Notice Boards before 10.00 a.m. hrs on the day it will take effect, except that any change in the schedule of races will be posted by 9.00 p.m. hrs on the previous day.

4.2 Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board located at Congrega Velisti .





5.1 Signals made ashore will be displayed from the main flag poles between 10.00 a.m. hrs and 09.00 p.m. hrs on each day .

5.2 Besides the signals indicated in ISAF Part 3 the following special signals will be used:

           a) Code flag "AP" means: Race is postponed. Warning signsl will be displaied non less of 45 minutes after Code Flag AP lowered.





6.1 Six races shall be sailed, but not more than 3 (three) races may be sailed on the same day.

      Races are scheduled as follows:


DATE                                      FIRST STARTING TIME


Saturday April 14th 1st Race Starting Signal:  12,00 a.m. hrs

Sunday   April 15th                 Races 3 and 4 (see notice)

Monday  April 16th                 Races 5 and 6 (see notice)


6.2 Races will be numbered sequentially in the order that they are sailed.            Depending on weather conditions, the advance of one race scheduled for the next day will be possible,

The Race Committee will announce such decision raising "Numeric Pennant #2" on the finishing boat at the end of the race. The warning signal of second or third race of the day will be hoisted one minute after lowering of "Numeric Pennant #2".





7.1 Class flags will be as follows:

Tornado: Class Tornado

A: A Cat

Hobie Yellow: Hobie cat 16

Mattia Esse: Mattia Esse

16’ Division group upto 17 feets

18’ Division group upto 19 feets

         20’ Division group upto 21 feets




8.1 Waters in front of the west and east  beaches of Cesenatico

The position and the number of the racing areas may be changed as enclosures n.3 and 5. This will be indicated by:

a) On the Official Notice Board:

Notice posted before 10.00 a.m. hours on the day it will take effect. The attention of the competitors will be called by displaying Code Flag 'L'.

b) On the water:

The Race Committee vessel will disply, in the same time, Code Flags 'L', that means: "The position of the racing area is to be changed. Follow me to the new position". Repetitive sound signals will be made.

8.2 Yachts not racing shall not pass through any racing area in use for racing by another class.

8.3 The racing Area shall be defined as an area extending 50 metres beyond the course which would normally taken by a yacht when racing.

8.4 The Starting Area shall be defined as a rectangle covering an area of 50 metres to windward and 50 metres to leeward of the starting line and 50 metres outside either end of the starting line.





9.1 Enclosures n.1, 2 and 4 illustrates shows the course, including the order in which marks are to be rounded or passed, and the side on which each mark is to be left. The Race Commitee will try to set a course that can be sailed approximately in 90 minutes. Longer or shorter actual racing time will not be grounds for redress.

The Race Commitee may shorten or lengthen the distance between marks in order to obtain the intended racing time. No signal will be made.

9.2 The approximate compass bearing from the starting line to Mark 1 will be displayed at or before the preparatory signal from the starting line Race Committee vessels.





The description of course marks is illustrated in enclosures.





11.1 Races will be started in accordance with ISAF 26.1, system l amended as follows:


Warning signal: Class Flag - 05 minutes

Preparatory signal:             Code Flag  P, I,

                        Z and  I, Black             - 04 minutes

Lowering of Preparatory Signal                 - 01 minutes             

Starting signal: lowering of the Class Flag             - 00 minutes



11.2 Classes will be started in the order set in enclosures 1, 2 and 4 . The order of starts may be changed by displaying the class flag for the appropriate class.

11.3 The starting line will be between a white staff whit an orange flag on the Race Committee vessel and buoy n. 3 (See enclosure 2). A line committee vessel may be positioned near the port end of the starting line.

11.4 When a Class flag(s) are displayed from the race committee starting vessel, yachts whose flags are not displayed shall keep well clear of the yachts who are about to start.

11.5 A yacht shall not start later than 5 minutes after her starting signal.

11.6 When conditions are unfavourable, the starting line Race Committee vessels may hold position by using engines.





12.1 Recalls will be signalled in accordance with ISAF 29.When a "Black Flag" is displayed, no individual recalls will be made (see Sailing Instruction 13). In case of an Individual Recall, Code Flag 'X' will be lowered after all prematurely started boats return or at least 4 minutes after the start if not all premature starters will have returned.

12.2 Should a general recall be signalled, the warning signal for the recalled start will be made at the same time of the preparatory signal for that recalled class.

12.3 Should a general recall be signalled the start of the next class (or classes) shall be accordingly postponed.





13.1 After a general recall the Race Committee may put the following "one minute disqualification rule" into effect (RRS 30.)

13.2: If possible, a Race Committee Vessel located near the first mark after the start will call the attention of the PMS yachts pointing at them with a BLACK flag. Repetitive sound signals can be made in order to draw the attention. If there is a new general recall or the race is abandoned, the starting vessel will display the sail numbers of the yachts having infringed this rule.

13.3 A yacht notified by the Starting Vessel or a Race Committee vessel near the first mark will immediately leave the racing and starting area.





14.1 There will not be change of course.





15.1 The finishing line will be between a white staff with an orange flag on the Race Committee vessel and finish buoy.

15.2 When conditions are unfavourable, the finishing line Race Committee vessel may hold position by using engines.




Any yacht that doesn.t finish tha race or retires after finishing  shall lodge a Retirement Form at the Race Office before the end of the protest time. This Form is available by the Race Office.





17.1 There is no time limit. However, a yacht not finishing within 30 minutes after the first yacht of her class finishes will be scored 'Did Not Finish' (DNF).

17.2 If weather changing conditionn prejudices Regatta's finish as point 9) or forewarn dangerous situation, Race Commitee should displaying "S" flag on mark 3 that means end suddenly the race to the following finish line.





18.1 An International Jury is held as RRS, Appendix M.  Jury,s decisions are precisely as RRS 70.4.

18.2 Immediately after finishing, a protesting yacht shall inform the Race Committee vessel on the finishing line about yachts it intends to protest until his intention has been acknowledged by the Race Committee.

18.3 Protests shall be written on forms available from the Race Office and shall be lodged there within the Protest time limit.


18.4 Protest Time

a) Protest time will end one and a half hour after the last yacht of the class has finished the last race of the day. These times will be posted on the official notice boards.

This protest time applies to:

              (i) protests between yachts;

              (ii) requests for redress for events occurred on the water

            (iii) reports from witnesses (alteration to ISAF 61.3, 63.6 RRS).

b) The time limit to lodge a request for redress for matters other than facts occurred on the water will finish half an hour after posting the results of the day, if these are posted before 9.00 p.m. hrs, or at 10.00 a.m. hrs on the following day, if these results are posted after 9 p.m.. On the last day, the time limit will finish half an hour after posting the overall results on the Official Notice Board.

c) In alteration to RRS 66, requests for reopening a hearing held shall be lodged not later than half an hour after posting the provisional, overall results on the Official Notice Board.

18.5 Notices informing the parties to the protest of the intended order of and the approximate time of hearings will be posted not later than 30 minutes after protest time limit. It is intended that the protests will be heard in the approximate order of receipt and parties are requested to remain in the vicinity of the protest rooms to expedite hearings.

18.6 Non observance of this instruction will justify the Jury to decide the protest as permitted by ISAF 69.1. Protest hearings will be held at the Jury rooms close to the Race Office.

18.6 Infringements of Sailing Instructions 20, 21 e 22, shall not be grounds for a protest from one yacht against another, but may result in action by the Race Committte or the Jury .





19.1 Scoring will be calculated as ISAF Appendix A  (low point scoring system).

19.2 The scoring shall be made on the sheduled races, discarding the worst one.

19.3 Discards: from 0 to 3 races sailed, there will not be any discard; with 4 or more races sailed, one discard.





20.1 Yachts shall register and use only the sail number registered on their Measurement Certificates, except prior written permission of the Race Commitee.

20.2 Yacht infringing ISAF 77 shall be scored as not competitors (DNC) without prior warning.





21.1 Only a crew member (not the helmsman) may be replaced in any class.

21.2 Any such substitution requires prior written permission of the Race Commitee, which will be given only in case of illness, accident or other special circumstances.

21.3 Requests for substitution shall be made through the Race Office before 10.00 hrs on the day of the race, but, in case of emergency, may be granted retrospectively after this time.

21.4 In case of illness or accident, the Race Commitee may require a medical certificate.

21.5 Unless the Race Commitee specifies otherwise, any substitution will be in effect for the day in which is requested only.





22.1 A yacht that retires from a race shall, when possible, notify a Race Committee vessel before leaving the course.

22.2 Yachts not leaving the harbour for the day's race shall inform the Race Office, as soon as possible.





23.1 All those taking part in the regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility.

23.2 The Organising Committee or any part involved with the organisation of the event disclaim any and every responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that might occur to persons and goods, both ashore and at sea as a consequence of participation in the races covered by these Sailing Instructions.                                                                                                         

23.3 Attention is drawn to the ISAF Rule 4 which states: "It shall be the sole responsibility of each yacht to decide whether or not to start or to continue to race".



                                                                                                 Congrega Velisti Cesenatico  



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